Mr. Rudy Gabsi

Mr. Rudy Gabsi is Lenygroup’s controlling shareholder. He has been active in real estate market in Israel’ France and the USA for several years.
Part of his responsibilities within Lenygroup include the promotion of the group activities, management of the marketing plan and finding our next project.


Mr. Erez Beharier

Mr. Erez Beharier is a lawyer by profession and holds a degree in business administration.
Erez brings extensive experience in the Israeli real estate market, with a focus on residential, commercial and office space.
Since joining LENY Group, he has served as VP projects and VP Business Development, prior to his appointment to the position of CEO.
Erez responsibilities, among other things, include the promotion of the Group’s strategy, business development for the Group, conducting negotiations and completing transactions at all levels, strategic cooperation with leading entities in the market, and ongoing management of the Group’s activity.


Mr. Liran Apel

Mr Liran Apel is a certified accountant since 2010, he holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration with specialization in finance and accounting.
Liran has a vast experience in international public companies, listed on the Israeli Stock Exchange, that Specialize in offices, industrial, logistics, commercial and residential real estate.
Among his responsibilities, Liran is in charge for reporting to ISA, filing the company’s financial and tax reports.


Mrs. Tamar Hamias

Miss Tamar Hamias holds BA in economics and she is responsible for Leny Group finance management. With large financial knowledge and full involvement in all financial matters, her responsibilities include project budgeting and supervision, leny group cash flow and financial strategy.


Miss Smadar Zemer

Mrs. Smadar Zemer is part of the finance department, where she is responsible for daily accounting tasks. She works together with the finance director to organize and follow Lenygroup’s budget.


Miss Florence Matalon

Mrs. Florence Maslaton is Lenygroup’s office manager. Her responsibilities include logistics, scheduling and customer relations. She speaks Hebrew, English and French and has experience in several sectors such as law, import and international market.